I am a Spanish artist living in Toronto.

I studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain. I spent one year at Artez AKI, the Enschede Academy, in the Netherlands where I specialized in Visual Communication, Design and Illustration, and I also spent a semester at the University of Ottawa, Canada where I graduated in 2008.

I’ve been in Canada since.

I work for any business or individual interested in wacky, expressive, witty, fun and powerful illustrations to communicate any message in magazines, picture books, flyers, weddings invitations, book covers, posters...

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 Artist statement ( or why do I do what I do? )

I started painting my series of scenes during the first months living in Toronto in 2009 apart from my family and culture. The production of my art worked somehow as a therapy to overcome my feeling of cultural detachment.

As a newcomer looking forward being accepted in a strange land I spent a lot of time watching people's behaviors in social events. Part of my work is focused on representing characters sharing spaces and interacting with each other probably as a projection of my needs and desires of finding my place and my people here. Through the eyes of a foreigner that doesn't exactly share the same language and culture sometimes reality turns into something surreal and deformed.

I likes creating ecstatic and peculiar translations of common situations.

I use the everyday images of people being people as my main source of inspiration. Artists like Picasso, Chagall, Beryl Cook and Edward Gorey have influenced my style. 

Never scared of trying new medias, in my career as an artist and illustrator I have built great relationships with acrylic, gouache, watercolor paint, ink, pencil, silkscreen and of course the magic of the digital world.